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Monday, February 25, 2013

Project: Messenger/Backpack

I was recently commissioned to built a messenger style bag that can be double duty as a backpack.

The bag is to have a center strap wrap-around with buckle closure. The strap is removable for carrying both messenger-style and backpack. To achieve this, I've used square ring on each gusset for messenger style and D-ring incorporated in the center strap for backpack.
The strap is one very long piece, looping is done with two conway buckle. For comfort, I also built two shoulder pad.
Handle is added for carrying as briefcase and finally Internal divider with two pockets and pen holder is sewn inside the bag.

As always, photo of the completed bag:

The bag with the straps part

Rear section of the bag

Side shot

Family photo :)


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  2. Looks fantastic, Reza. I'm curious. How did you attach a divider since there's no sewing in the middle of the gusset? Is it stitched with the back and sandwiched with the gusset? Congrats on an excellent bag!

  3. Thanks for the compliment David. In the past, the divider, as you correctly assumed is stitched towards the back, effectively sandwiching with the gusset. This particular bag, however has the divider stitched towards the front of the bag. It's a bit harder compare to the back as I had to make the divider few centimeter smaller than the width of the bag to make it fit well.

  4. I've just come upon your blog, and have found a great deal of inspiration (in addtion to a very talented individual). Did you construct these bags based on your own dimensions, or did source a pattern from somewhere? I have tried finding help online, but am not really getting anything as clean as your finished product. Any guidance would be appreciated.

    1. BTW I usually go by John, and not 93842266-9635 etc. :)

    2. Hi John,

      Thanks for reading my blog and your compliment. I constructed all those bags and all future bags based on my own dimension. As far as pattern goes, I only use it on the initial stage of building the bag, which is to trace the cutout on the leather hide. The best advise I can offer you is to do lots and lots of practice. Also, choosing the correct leather matters a lot, this will reflect on the end product. All the bag above is built using the cleanest veg-tan leather I have ever come across so far. This reflect my minimalist style perfectly. On the other hand, if you aiming to built a vintage and rugged looking bag then a similar character leather is needed for the project. I hope this helps. Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

    3. Hi Reza - I appreciate you taking the time to reply, and sharing your insight. I will be chosing the leather this weekend, and with any luck, will find a gem. Before I attempt anything more involved, I have purchased an old tester bag on ebay (not sure what the rules are about name dropping-please excuse my ignorance if need be) for a really great price. My intention will be to deconstruct it, clean and treat the leather, rebuild it, and hopefully gain a better understanding of the overall process. Thanks for the inspiration and guidance.

  5. Hi John,

    That sounds like a good idea. I also collects leather bags from all over the globe, I always appreciate and learn a thing or two from them. Make sure you are not too caught up with the method of construction of the original bag. As you progress you will discover what works best with your hands and style. Cheers.

  6. Loving your collection of beautiful leather bags.
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