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Ped's & Ro Leather Blog

Monday, March 9, 2015

New website

We are finally finished with our website!! Please have a look at Ped's & Ro and tell us what you think.

New blog post will be started on the new site. This blog will still be open and monitored, any comment will be replied accordingly.

Thank you for being patience.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Veikko: The Backpack - Slim

Backpack has lately became a fashionable thing to carry behind your shoulder, it is functional as well as stylish.

I was recently commissioned to create one. Unlike the hybrid Messenger/Backpack I made a while back, the request was to create a more traditional looking backpack.

During my research I stumbled upon traditional Japanese Backpack which is called 'Randoseru'. The styling really resonate with me and decided to use this as an inspiration. Traditional 'Randoseru' was designed to carry a full day's worth of student's items hence the need for the large space. The client however demanded a slimmer version to make it more wearable as well as versatility with different outfit.

Photo of the final product:

Front Look

Back look

Closure details

Strap details

Strap Attachment