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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

World War Relic

Back in August, me and my wife traveled to Scandinavia for our belated Honeymoon. During the travel I've always keep an eye for a interesting leather piece. Found one in Hong Kong during our transit, found another one in Stockholm and found the most interesting piece during the last leg of our journey, which is in Helsinki.

Today I'm going to share the piece I found in Helsinki. I picked it up from a market that located not far away from where we stayed. It's similar to a flea market that I normally back home in Brisbane. However, being in Europe, there will be some world war relic. Keeping that in mind, we stroll around the market. Voila, we found this Eastern European fellow that was selling all bunch of stuff from world war two, bayonet, helmet and ammo pouch. I bought the ammo pouch without much bargaining due to lack of communication and the fellow is quite scary...

There is some character embossed onto the leather, can't really make up what the characters are. I've been told that this was for a German sub machine gun ammo pouch. I'm not going to speculate anything on that one...

Anyhow, the build quality is exceptional. Leather is still in good condition, it's still soft and pliable, can't fault the stitching. Everything is still really strong and sturdy. The copper hardware has oxidize and left a green residue inside and outside the pouch which is very difficult to remove.

I'm going to use this pouch to show people how a well made veg-tanned leather article can last for so many years. The textured and color in particular is very intriguing...

Enjoy the picture!!

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