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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tutorial: Removing 'Quick-set' Rivet

In this section I would like to show how to remove Quick-set/rapid/double-cap rivet. As the rivet is fairly soft, it's actually quite possible to remove them once they are set. This method wouldn't work with solid rivet.

The tools needed is fairly simple:

1) A flat headed screw-driver, with blunt edges
2) A Plier
3) A Pincher tool

Here's the photo to illustrate the steps:

Already fastened rivet securing two leather pieces

Insert flat headed screw-driver to create space

Side view of the screw-driver in action

Space created for the plier to do its job

Bend the rivet head with a plier

Side view of the bend rivet

Bending completed

Pincher is ready to do its job

Position the pincher around the rivet

Ensure no leather is on the way

Rivet head removed

Job done!

Rivet pieces


It's a fairly simple process to remove the rivet, it's also one of the reason why this type of rivet is my second preference for fastening leather.

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