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Monday, July 11, 2011

Prototype: Laptop Bag

The laptop bag was the first big project (compared to phone pouches and strap) that I've accomplished. It gave me a lot of learning experience.

It took me quite a while since I was fairly new to big projects like this and have not learned to plan it the right way. I modeled it after the phone pouch and the closure flap was inspired by the Longchamp bag. It's made to fit a 13 inch Macbook. I also added the pullout strap after finding it difficult to pull the laptop out and it made a tremendous difference.

The body is made with 2mm thick vegetable tanned leather and lined with similar thickness shrunken grain chromed-tanned leather in yellow. A yellow thread was used for the stitching. The flap is made with double 1.5mm thick vegetable tanned leather, stitched with blue thread. I added two wrap-around strap with buckles attached. This serve two purposes: 1) To aid the structure of the bag and 2) To provide a closure for the lid. To finish it off I added a handle to make carrying it easier, which is made from 3mm vegetable tanned leather. In my opinion, this bag is well over-engineered for a simple task of transporting a laptop.

I gave the bag to my wife and she loves it, she's been using it ever since (for 1 and half years) and has slowly aged the leather. 

Some areas that can be improved for future production:
1) The wrap around strap. A thicker leather shall be used to improve appearance.
2) The strap keeper. Redesigned form to accentuate the bag more.
3) The lining. The yellow leather is way too thick to use for the lining.

Some obligatory photos:

The pullout strap

Brass rivet for securing the pullout strap

Yellow shrunken grain leather

Stitching details

Back side

The leather handle

View from above

Another view


  1. Wow that looks insanely nice! Really dig the lining, if you don't mind me asking where did you get the tool to stamp your brand on the leather? Looks very professional!

  2. @Jon: Thanks for the comment, really appreciate that.

    There's a guy in the watch forum that I frequent that made a custom one from plastic. His email is

  3. Ah excellent I was in the process of contacting the same guy, he uses Delrin and laser cuts out the punch. Do they last long? The only thing I worried about was since it was plastic was the letters not retaining their sharp edges.

  4. @Jon: I've been using it since late 2009, still holding up like new. I reckon they will last around 500 punch or so. I have yet to use other type of stamp so I can't really provide a comparison of the impression, but if the leather is cased well, letters is pretty sharp. My main complain about the stamp is it's very slippery (Delrin - Low CO of friction?), very2 steady hand is required, possibly an arbour press is needed for consistent result.

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  6. These look way awesome! I've been looking at several different leather laptop bags for my wife's birthday, and these gave me some great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Ohh that looks super nice! My husband has been wanting to buy a new leather laptop bag, but I told him we didn't have enough money right now. I am totally going to buy this and surprise him with it!

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