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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Phone Pouch...Intro

This is the first product that I designed and made after graduating from 'Watch Strap'. To date, the pouch is the most product that I have made, I gave away the majority of them to families and friends. It's a good testing ground to see how durable the pouches are.

The design of the pouch is simple, just one piece of leather folded and stitched on both sides. The stitching used is cross stitch (seems to be common here in Ped's & Ro). I designed the pouch to be as durable as possible while providing a reasonable protection for the phones it carry. I used either 1.5mm or 2mm leather. The thinner leather gives it a more elegant and softer look whereas the thicker one oozes ruggedness and solidity, both of them is beautiful to touch and see. I tend to leave the finish on the thinner leather as it is due to the softness of the leather. With the 2mm one, I treat the leather to give it a more unique character.

I did received some feedback from the pouch user and have since spawned few different version of the pouch, with a pocket and pull out strap. I believe it will be great variations of the original pouch, each of them with a different purpose.

NOTE: I will be offering a selection of these phone pouches for sale on Etsy very soon!

Here's the pictures:

This is the 'oldest' pouch (about 1 year old), note the has also moulded into the phone shape

With pockets for cards & bus ticket (touch and go)

With pull-out strap from Kangaroo Leather (one of the strongest lightweight leather on the planet)

2mm with Olive Green stitching, Hand Burnished, Minimalist.

2mm with Denim Blue stitching, slightly oiled, Minimalist. 

 1.5mm with Country Yellow stitching, Natural, Minimalist.

2mm with Jet Black Stitching, Black Edge, Minimalist. I scored this leather while traveling overseas, only have a very limited supply of this leather. Very strong and durable leather. 

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