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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Phone Pouch with Card Slot (Personal Review)

It's time to do a review for the phone pouch with card slot. It's the oldest veg-tan pouch and the most used one.

Let's start with cosmetic appearance. I used two different type of veg tan for the construction, the body is made from 2mm and the slot is made from 1.5mm. The patina has fully developed for both leather.

I really like the patina on the 1.5mm leather. It's velvet like to touch and much smoother compare to 2mm one. The shade is also lighter on this one.

When i first made the slot, i had a feeling that overtime with use the slot will become loose and card will not be held securely. I was a bit surprised that it held up quite well. I sticked with 5 cards and to this day it still hold them securely. It may have something to do with the way I stitched it, it has more holes per inch than my usual stitching and this may help the leather retain it's shape.

The thread still in a very good condition. It still has good tension and only slightly fraying.

The embossed logo still retain it's shape well and I feel it will remain so for the lifetime of the pouch.

The edge on the opening has also sealed up nicely, I've retouched it once with plain beeswax just to tidy it up.

As for maintenance, I've only waxed the pouch once with a plain beeswax then burnished it lightly with a canvas cloth. It made the leather softer and more supple.

Overall I'm quite impressed on how the pouch has held up and the character it gained. This has given me a better understanding on the material that I'm currently using and identify things that can be improved.

Some pictures for illustration purposes:

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