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Friday, February 18, 2011

Money Bag....

Made this bag a while back as a prototype and was originally made for my iPad, but it ended up being too small (oops!)...I used the thinnest veg-tanned leather I have in my inventory for lightness and texture.

The strap is constructed from scrap leather that I have lying around, which is handy, I only need to seal the flesh side for cleaner presentation.

I also experimented with different type of stitching. I found that saddle stitch doesn't work well with thinner leather across long surface, it buckled the leather. The cross stitch on the other hand is perfect since it spread the tension across the surface of the leather. I implemented this finding on the 'Shoe-Box' bag, perfected it by making the stitching space smaller.

Two piece rivets was used (I haven't discovered Copper rivet yet), quick and easy to apply, also looks great on the bag.

Why the 'Money Bag' name? Earlier this week, me and my wife 'pop' open Kenny (our piggy bank). We ended up with lots of coins and was wondering what will be the best way to transport it to the bank. Plastic bag is no good, she didn't want to use one of her bag either in case it can't take the weight. We can use the 'Shoe-Box' but it was too big, then I remembered I made a smaller bag that will be perfect for the task.

We loaded up the bag with the coins, everything fits nicely and the weight didn't seem to bother the bag (3Kg worth of coins). It actually looks better with all that weight in the bag, looks more organic. Now the wife is claiming the bag to be hers, she really like using it after the bank trip.

Here's the obligatory pictures:

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  1. That was unexpected! Well, at least the leather bag can carry the weight of the coins. I think it really can be a money bag if it’s that strong. Bank money bags are strong because these are usually capable of carrying up to 25kg. Yours is impressive enough to be able to carry 3kg worth of coins.