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Ped's & Ro Leather Blog

Monday, May 23, 2011

Being Portable

We had our first child recently and both my wife and i are staying with the in-laws. The little bundle of joy can be quite a handful and extra help is always great! This also means being away from my usual workshop, which i've posted about here. So I gathered all my essential tools and packed them in my leather bag as I can't imagine myself not doing leather work for even a couple of weeks.

I have to reduce the workload, therefore I decided to further my skills in making watch straps. I recently rekindled the romance after my father in-law commissioned me to make a strap for his Russian chronograph. I posted a thread in the Watchuseek forum, Strap for Russian Chronograph.

The idea of being portable came about after reading an article by ETWAS founder, Will Lisak. Being mobile is one of his company motto. His workspace is a simple wooden chest which contains all his tools.

Being portable is actually a liberating experience, you are forced to make do with only the essential tools, it makes you think outside the box, more heart less head.

Photo of my 'portable' workshop.

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