Thursday, March 1, 2012

Project: Tote bag

Just finished this tote style bag for a good friend of mine. She wanted a simple 'dumping-bag' for all her work-related items. The bag is fairly large in size for this purpose.

It's constructed using 10oz (4mm) bridle leather in natural colour. Construction method is simple, the main body of the bag consists of three components and is secured with copper rivets on the bottom and each corner of the bag. Stitching is done in natural colour. The handles are made from one long piece leather, secure with two copper rivets on each side. All exposed edges was rounded and smoothed out. 

Although it is a very simple bag, stitching the rear portion of the bag was quite a challenge due to the limited space, it had to be done very slowly. I've also shaped the bottom rivet so that it can act as a feet for the bag, this is to reduce the wear on the grain of the leather. The shaping was done with different size riveting tool and finishing up with 'ball and peen' hammer.

Overall, I'm very happy with the way this bag turn out. The uniformity of the material gives the bag minimalist elegant look.

I really am looking forward to see the patina in person on the bag after few months of usage.

As always, some photos of the completed bag:

Complimentary cloth case with leather draw-string


Side profile